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Signed & Un-Signed - Hockey Beehive Corn Syrup Photos

Player assortment includes Harry Lumley, George Armstrong, Larry Hillman, Jerry James, Bobby Hull, Elmer Vasko, Gordie Howe, Beliveau, Geoffrion, Maurice Richard, Red Horner, Willie O' Ree

Issued by St Lawrence Starch Co

Group 1, Issued 1934 / 44 - Group 2, Issued 1945 / 64

Photos are Mounted on 5 1/2" x 8" Mattes

All Mattes & Photos are Original - No Reproductions, No Replacements, No Alterations


Condition - Corners on Mattes graded EX NM have a touch to a small amount of wear on some corners but are still pointed at normal viewing - Mattes listed EX either have a faint to light bend at a corner or a finger bend on the Matte Border

Unless Noted - No stains, back damage, glue / tape residue, writing, pin holes or trimming & Mattes, front & back & photos are clean

Legend - (B) Signed Best Wishes etc - (P) Personalized - HOF Green - (31-05) Born - Died

See Below List For - Complete Ordering Information, e-mail Address etc

S = Signed - All in Ultra Fine Point Permanent Ink Sharpie Unless Noted

All Autographs are Authentic & Unconditionally Guaranteed to Pass Jim Spence JSA or PSA

All Signatures are Neat, Bold & Clean

To see Scans - Click on Green Camera below & Scroll Down


Scan Player - (Born-Died) Matte Photo Price

Boston Bruins

Bob Armstrong EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Leo Boivan EX+ NM NM M 12.00
S Johnny Bucyk EX+ NM Mint Sold
Charlie Burns EX+ NM NM M 10.00
S Fern Flaman - (27-12) EX+ Mint Sold
Bruce Gamble EX+ NM Mint 18.00
S Larry Hillman - Scarce to Rare Issue EX+ NM Mint Sold
S Rudy Bronco Horvath EX+ NM Sold
S Leo Labine - (31-05) EX+ NM M Sold
S Fleming Mackell - (29-15) EX+ NM EX NM Sold
Don McKenney EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Doug Mohns EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Willy (Willie) O' Ree - # on sleeve - Scarce EX+ NM Mint 20.00
Don Simmons EX+ NM NM M 12.00
Vic Stasiuk EX+ NM Mint 10.00
S (P) Jerry Toppazzini - (31-12) EX+ Mint Sold

Chicago Blackhawks

Earl Balfour - (33-18) EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Murray Balfour - Photo has a light surface wrinkle inherent in paper (not a crease) before photo was printed, on ice area of photo only, o/w it w/b NM M EX+ NM EX 8.00
Reg Fleming EX+ Mint 8.00
Glen Hall - 3 vintage ink signatures on back of matte, Jack Evans (D-96, very scarce) - Ted Lindsay - Danny Lewicki VG VG EX 15.00
S Glen Hall - Name error s/b Glenn EX+ NM Mint Sold
S Signed, Bill "Red" Hay EX NM Mint Sold
Bobby Hull - Jersey # 16 - Has a small faint corner crease on matte VG+ EX NM M 18.00
S Ted Lindsay EX+ NM Mint Sold
S Eddie Litzenberger - (35-10) NM Mint Sold
S Ab McDonald NM Mint Sold
S Ron Murphy - (33-14) EX+ NM+ Sold
S Eric Nesterenko EX+ NM NM+ Sold
S Pierre Pilote - Pen skip - (31-17) EX+ NM+ 15.00
S Dollard St. Laurent - (29-15) EX+ NM Mint Sold
S Tod Sloan NM Mint Sold
Elmer Vasko VG VG EX 3.00
S Elmer Vasko - (35-98, age 63) EX+ NM Mint Sold
S Ken Wharram - (33-17) EX+ NM Mint Sold

Detroit Red Wings

S Al Arbour - (32-15) - Scarce Issue VG VG Sold
Hank Bassen EX+ NM 10.00
S Alex Delvecchio EX+ NM NM M Sold
Val Fonteyne EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Warren Godfrey EX+ NM NM+ 10.00
Peter Goegan EX+ NM NM M 10.00
S Gordie Howe - (28-16) - Wearing Red Jersey - No C on Jersey EX+ NM Mint 175.00
Allan Johnson EX+ NM NM M 10.00
S Red Kelly EX+ NM NM M Sold
Forbes Kennedy EX+ NM Mint 12.00
Len Lunde EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Jerry Melnyk EX+ NM NM+ 10.00
Gerry Odrowski EX+ NM M 8.00
S Murray Oliver - (37-14) EX+ NM NM Sold
Marcel Pronovost EX+ NM NM M 10.00
Terry Sawchuck - Variation, w/ Full stick blade in photo EX+ NM Mint 20.00
S Norm Ullman EX+ NM+ 30.00
Howie Young EX+ NM M 15.00

Montreal Canadiens

S Jean Beliveau - Signed on Matte Border - (31-14) EX+ NM Mint 75.00
S Jean Beliveau - Signed on Photo - Light bend on bottom edge of matte only EX NM 75.00
S Marcel Bonin - w/ Autograph Authenticity Show Ticket EX+ NM Mint 25.00
S Bernard Geoffrion - Signed w/ Fine Point Sharpie - (31-06) EX+ NM NM M 50.00
S Bernard Geoffrion - Signed w/ Regular Sharpie EX NM 45.00
S Phil Goyette - w/ Autograph Authenticity Show Ticket EX+ NM NM 25.00
Doug Harvey EX+ NM Mint 15.00
Bill Hicke EX+ NM NM M 10.00
S Charlie Hodge - Variation, name in black script - (33-16) EX NM 30.00
S Tom Johnson - (28-07) EX+ NM NM 35.00
S Albert Langlois EX Mint Sold
S Don Marshall EX+ NM Mint 25.00
S Dickie Moore - w/ Autograph Authenticity Show Ticket - (31-15) EX+ NM Mint 35.00
Jacques Plante EX+ NM Mint 30.00
S Andre Pronovost EX+ NM Mint Sold
Claude Provost EX Mint 8.00
S Maurice Richard - w/ White background - (21-00) EX+ NM Mint 150.00
S Bob Rousseau - w/ Autograph Authenticity Show Ticket EX+ NM NM M 25.00
S Jean Guy Talbot EX NM 25.00
Jean-Claude Tremblay - w/ Dark background EX+ NM NM 8.00
Bob Turner EX+ NM Mint 10.00

New York Rangers

S Andy Bathgate - Wearing Blue Jersey - (32-16) EX+ NM Mint Sold
Brian Cullen EX+ NM NM 10.00
Ian Cushenan EX+ NM Mint 12.00
Jack Evans - Variation, name printed parallel EX+ NM Mint 10.00
S (P) Lou Fontinato - (32-16) EX+ NM NM+ Sold
S Bill Gadsby - (27-16) EX NM NM+ Sold
S Phil Goyette EX+ NM NM M Sold
Andy Hebenton EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Camille Henry EX+ NM Mint 10.00
S Harry Howell EX+ NM NM M 30.00
Larry Popein EX+ NM NM M 10.00
S Dean Prentice - Wearing Blue Jersey NM+ NM M Sold
Ken Schinkel EX+ NM Mint 10.00
S Eddie Shack - Scarce Issue EX NM Sold
George (Red) Sullivan NM+ Mint 10.00
S Signed, Lorne "Gump" Worsley - (29-07) EX+ NM Mint Sold

Toronto Maple Leafs

S George Armstrong - No C on jersey EX+ NM Mint 300.00
S Bob Baun EX+ NM Mint Sold
S Johnny Bower EX Mint Sold
S Carl Brewer - (38-01, age 63) EX Mint Sold
S Ed Chadwick EX NM M Sold
Brian Cullen EX+ NM Mint 10.00
Gord Drillon - Group 1, Beige Matte - Tiny stain dots on matte border VG EX+ NM 8.00
S Dick Duff EX Mint Sold
Gary Edmundson EX+ NM Mint 12.00
Gerry Ehman - Scarce EX+ NM Mint 20.00
S (P) Hank Goldup - Group 1, Beige Matte - (18-08) VG EX Sold
Reg Hamilton - Group 1, Beige Matte - 1 light crease on photo only VG EX VG 5.00
Ted Hampson - Scarce EX NM+ 20.00
Billy Harris EX NM M 5.00
S Larry Hillman EX+ NM NM M Sold
S Red Horner - Group 1, Blue Matte - (09-05) EX NM VG EX Sold
Tim Horton EX+ NM Mint 15.00
S   Gerry James - Scarce to Rare Issue - He was also a CFL star from 1952 - 64 & youngest to play at age 17 - 4 Grey Cups - CFL HOF EX+ NM Mint Sold
S Red Kelly - Not wearing helmet NM NM M Sold
Dave Keon EX+ NM NM M 15.00
S Bucko MacDonald - Group 1, Beige Matte - Error s/b McDonald - (14-91) G VG VG Sold
Don Metz - Group 1, Beige Matte VG EX EX NM 10.00
Rudy Migay EX+ NM Mint 10.00
S Bob Nevin EX+ NM Mint Sold
Bert Olmstead EX+ NM Mint 12.00
Bob Pulford EX+ NM Mint 12.00
S Bob Pulford EX+ NM Mint Sold
Marc Reaume - Light surface scratch on photo o/w would be NM M EX+ NM EX+ NM 15.00
Larry Regan EX+ NM Mint 12.00
S Alan Stanley - Error Version - 1st Issue, s/b Allan - (26-13) EX+ NM Mint Sold
Ron Stewart EX EX+ NM 5.00
S John Wilson - Scarce - (29-11) EX+ NM Mint Sold


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